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$25.00 USD

fallfiftyfeet - Lonely If You Go Vinyl

fallfiftyfeet - Lonely If You Go Vinyl

150 Units
Deep Blue vinyl
Silk-screen B-side

One of my favourite bands to come out in the last few years. Refreshing, exciting, and some of the best modern metalcore you'll find I promise you. "Lonely If You Go" sees the band take what they showed us with their debut release, and take it one step further with genre bending songwriting, catchy riff-laden grooves, and vivid emotional lyrics/imagery. Already being talked about in numerous articles and publications as one of the best up-and-coming metalcore bands, I couldn't be more excited to help bring this record to life!

When the band came to me with the idea for this vinyl I immediately jumped on it and we got to work! Short and sweet this EP comes at you like a tidal wave and the vinyl we hope will reflect that!